Thursday, November 09, 2006

the week after

Here's a video my friend Miguel took of me during the marathon. This was at mile 11. Pardon my chomping on a Power Bar.

Yesterday morning I woke up and suddenly wasn't sore anymore--and today I'm feeling the first pang of letdown. There is no longer a physical reminder of my adventure, and I'm already wondering what my next one will be. I knew this would happen, just didn't want it to happen so quickly! It's funny how both unexpected and predictable life is sometimes.

In other news, I've had a fun week of happy hours, including the kidlit blogging drinks on Monday night--it was fun seeing so many familiar faces, and meeting some new people--I love the children's book community!

And finally...why does Grey's Anatomy have to be so gut-wrenching? Then again, you just know. That happy couple will be happy again. At least for a while.


saramoohead said...

:( I can't get the video to work. Is it something to do with the "private"-ness of it? It says loading, but doesn't load.

alvinaling said...

Hmm. I've asked him to make it public, so I hope it works now! Let me know.

saramoohead said...

Hooray! I can see it. I like your treadmill-style running for the photo. I bet you get a bit of adrenaline flowing when you watch that video. :)