Friday, February 01, 2008

Another Animoto China video--this one is ALL FOOD

Food was one of the main highlights of the trip, so I thought I'd honor that with this new video. Does this make you hungry?


bradleycj said...

Heck yeah that makes me hungry!


Anonymous said...

Becky here, from Animoto. By far, the most mouth-watering Animoto I have seen so far. Cool video. Anyway, I'll stop harassing people I come across through Google Alerts and start getting to some work.


Susan Sandmore said...

I want whatever that is at :39 and :40 and 1:12 and 1:24 . . . I'm thinking watching this at dinner time was not a good idea.

Chris Barton said...

Yes. Yes, it does. And I say that as a man who just ate about 12 pounds of Greek food.

Rita said...

Awesome. I especially like the items sizzling in hot oil (? :11 and :12) and the series on xiao leng bao. Looks like you had great company for all of it, and that makes the best seasoning of all.