Thursday, June 12, 2008

The voice for animals

I had the pleasure of watching the live taping of the Colbert Report on Tuesday--it was a great experience, especially as I haven't been to a taping of any show in a while (I did a bunch of them when I first moved to NY six years ago). Stephen Colbert was so personable--he took questions from the audience before the taping, and the last question was, "What is your best Karaoke song?" The answer? "King of the Road," and he proceeded to swing into the first verse, and he was indeed masterful.

The guest was author and zoologist Alan Rabinowitz, and I have to say, his story about what inspired him to work with animals was so touching, it almost made me (and Stephen) cry. It starts at about 1:13.

After the show, Stephen shook my hand (and, okay, those of half of the audience). Nice firm handshake. I heart Stephen Colbert!


Maria Mercado said...

I saw a taping of The Colbert Report too! He was so GREAT! When we watched it on TV that night, you could hear my distinctive laugh.

Christine Tripp said...

Colbert is amazing, his show and book, top notch, as is Stewart's "Daily Show" and, in a similar vein, our own Canadian "voice of the thinking people" Rick Mercer.

I envy you seeing a show in person!

Rita said...

Whoa. What a great story, and interview! That look on Stephen Colbert's face...that was just where I was at, too.

And now, this has given me some ideas... :D

Back to work!