Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scary, sad stuff

I'm trying not to be political on this blog, but I wanted to share these two videos that almost made me cry. If you're a McCain/Palin supporter, you may not want to watch. Then again, maybe you should... I know (I hope!!) that people like this are in the minority, and I'm sure there are equally horrible people on the other side, but regardless, this election is really bringing out the ugly in people. For those people who say racism isn't alive and well, I think this is proof enough.

Really sad:

Really frightening:

If those didn't work, you can view them here and here.


Eveline said...

bleh. see, to me, because of the town i grew up in, this is a totally ho-hum, normal, everyday scene. jen morton & i were recently talking about why i'm still pessimistic about obama winning despite the current poll figures, and it's cause to me, scenes like this are the norm for most of america and it's the liberal enclaves like california and NYC that are the anomalies. i guess cautiously optimistic is how i'm feeling about obama's chances right now.

Libby Koponen said...

I am in shock! I started to turn it off but then I thought no, I should watch this. I feel physically sick and I'm crying -- at the racism, mainly.

I HAVE heard the terrorist comments, even here, in Mystic....but that fat old man in the first one! His laughter!

Anna Alter said...

Wow. I felt like I was watching a scene from the civil rights era, those must be the same people who fought integration. Its sickening that people can be so gleefully hateful!

Lefty said...

Thanks, Alvina, for getting the word out, even though it makes me sad, ashamed, and terribly disappointed in my "fellow" Americans. I can't believe how uneducated, misinformed, and downright stupid some of these people are. I wish we could require an IQ test for voting.

The sickening thing here is -- I'm going door-to-door here in Oregon and I've had people throw me off their property yelling "Get Off" and "Obama is scum. He isn't a US Citizen." Yesterday a guy pulled a 10-point propaganda piece out of his wallet distributed by the NRA -- almost every point was inflammatory and false. But he believed it! is a great place to go to get the truth. I found all 10 points with pages of material explaining where Obama stands. Most were completely false and lies and others were half-truths, a couple completely true. I wish we could file law suites for slander! It doesn't seem right that candidates can outright lie about their opponents. I'm ready for some election reform!!

And I almost threw up when Sarah Palin couldn't list any newspapers/magazines she read. I'd like to ask her top 10 children's books and top 10 literary novels she's read lately!!!

Okay, sorry to ramble so long -- I'm so on edge about this election.

I send out prayers to the universe for the greatest and highest good -- A friend also said to picture a sheer bubble around Barack, Michelle, and the girls for protection. (Won't Michelle be an awesome lst Lady!!!?? I love tht woman!)

Take Care,
Breath deeply


Anonymous said...

Many of my family members--from small-town western Illinois--have voiced such repugnant ideas to me, too. I've given up on them--there's no convincing them that the brown-skinned people they see on the street and in the emergency room aren't all "illegal Mexicans," so there's little chance they'll figure out many more important things. *sigh* I grew up conservative, and still am very conservative on many issues, but it drives me crazy how self-righteous people can be about this kind of thing.

Granted, it happens on both sides. When I lived in MA, I was subjected on more than one occasion to left-leaning political rants in class because the people speaking assumed that everyone in the class agreed with them. I think we're just entirely too polarized as a country right now. But then, perhaps it's always been this way?

On a brighter note, I see you'll be at KW! See you there!

Christine Tripp said...

It was so weird to see a young person with hair in the clip.... not suprising to see the rest with no hair and very over weight, now THAT goes with the steriotype of "idiots".
Sad to see so many "regular" American's buying in to the old ways of blame every problem in the US on "Russians" (what the, Obama/Hussain and Russians????) Commies (shades of Archie Bunker)
You would think this would have all fizzeled out but no, ignorance is alive and well and living in the USA.
I, thankfully, know so many thinking, educated, intellegent American's as to not throw all into the same pot. Unfortunately, as we have found out in our Country, democratic elections do not always result in the best person or party for the job of leading a Country into a liberated, loving century. Often, it seems it's one step forward, 12 steps back!

Anonymous said...

Pretty awful, they behave like they feel they only exist because of their color, white. Not much of an identity to hang on to.

Being born white doesn't automatically allow one entry into a privileged and superior stratosphere in fact it proves one has many negatives to their claim to superiority.

We're planning to vote for OBAMA but for this person who's blatantly racist-how does he feel about Mrs. Palin being married to a gentleman who's a "true Yup'ik Alaskan"?

Elaine Magliaro said...


Watch the video of Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (R, Minnesota) talk about Obama and other members of Congress being anti-American on Hardball with Chris Matthews late last week (MSNBC). What she said sent chills down my spine. Thank heavens for journalists like Katrina vanden Heuvel. Katrina responded to Bachman's comments on the same show.

What I hear being said by some Americans is scary...indeed!

Anonymous said...

My family is keeping me posted on what they see/hear in Missouri.

The McCain Camp called my Mom twice- once at home and once at work- with a recorded message that Obama is a terrorist.

Two people my mother works with truly seriously believe that, if Obama is elected, he will "take away" Christianity- that he is the antichrist spoken of in the Bible.

My mom told me she was talking to one of them while she was babysitting her grandchild. The child was PETRIFIED of Obama winning. Mom said she could see the look on the child's face while her grandmother enthusiastically proclaimed an Obama win as the end of days.

Another person, a devout Creationist, told my sister she'd rather have Sarah Palin as president to Obama. She, also, thinks Obama is a Muslim terrorist whose true agenda is to bring about the downfall of Christianity.

I'm not trying to add to the din of idiocy. I'm just pointing out that there are radical, scary viewpoints everywhere. And, in a way, I'm glad they have voices too. Voiciversity?
I'd like to trust that all these conflicting voices might combine in to one truth. But that trust was shaken when W was(n't) elected.
Now- I wait to see if our COUNTRY is really heading in the direction that's best for me.... something I'd prefer not to question.

Alvina- thanks for bringing this up as a concern of yours as well! If they have voices, so do we!

Gothamologist said...

Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity with this one.

Christine Tripp said...

Ben, please tell me those folks you mentioned live in the Mountains or the South and are the very few:(
I know too many "thinking" American's to believe otherwise.

Sorry to those who DO have a brain and live in the Mountains or the's a Steriotype we Canucks get wind of.... and it sometimes is confirmed, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that first guy was a children's lit advocate supporting Obama's educational plan?
How am I going to sleep tonight and not dream about that smug "hey, look at my monkey!" smile?
Sad, sad, sad.

Anonymous said...

No it is not right what the ignorant and arrogant do about race, religion, sex, etc. What I look for in a President and Leader is what the Lord has taught us all along. It is a concern to know that Obama went to a church for 20 years and dedicated his children there and they were full of bitterness and hate at times. It scares me to know of a few other circumstances that have been available to all of us to read. I look at the heart and religion and God Bless us all in these days!

alvinaling said...

I don't really understand what the last commenter was really saying. But anyway, I'm writing this the morning after we found out that Obama will be our next President, and I couldn't be more deliriously happy. This is a very, very, good thing, regardless of your faith.

But just so you know, I'm personally an atheist, so I prefer to keep religion out of my political decisions. But that's just me.

Susan Moorhead said...

I watched the first video and thought, okay, there's always an ass in every crowd. But the second video was so disturbing. As a New Yorker, I feel perhaps I am out of touch with the hardcore "right" - and wow, let me stay that way. Truly scary people.