Sunday, October 10, 2010

But hey, it's Brooklyn, not Ohio

About a month ago on a Saturday night, G and I were kept awake by a large party our downstairs neighbors were throwing. The music caused our entire apartment to vibrate. It was unbearable. I hadn't been feeling great that day and was hoping to get to sleep early. I turned on the TV to mask the sound, put my pillow over my ears. Sleep wasn't happening. Finally, at about a quarter past one, G decided to go downstairs to ask them to turn the music down.

As if the shaking apartment was not provocative enough, above is a photo of the note G encountered when he reached their apartment door. As you can imagine, this note did not improve his mood. After a lengthy discussion with the neighbors about "rights" (their right to throw a party in the U.S. of A, our right to sleep and live in peace in our own apt), they turned the music down.

To their credit, they've been quiet neighbors ever since (a talking-to by our landlord probably helped, too). To our credit, the phone number above is blocked out.

Yes, I have officially turned into the cranky old neighbor. Kids these days. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

That is extremely funny, though I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time.

I use those little earplugs to mask the vibrations in my room--you know, the ones that come out of my husband's nose.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I would have been a bit ticked off to find that note on the door. I'm a cranky old neighbor when it comes to dogs barking. Once, a neighbor's dog barked one little yelp every other minute (it seemed) for nearly 2 hours.

Yeah, we went knocking on their door. . . I hate to do that, but sometimes you just have to.

I use my iPod ear buds as ear plugs. . . that works pretty well.

God Girl Goth said...

Yeah, I'm that cranky "old" neighbor, too, even though I've been that way since childhood :)
I can't stand to feel the bass in music vibrating my bones or the shrill of a yapping dog trying to jumpstart my already beating heart.

Sounds like you had a good end result. Success!