Thursday, February 08, 2007


This past weekend I went to my friend Heather's apartment party in South Brooklyn, and then shared a car with friends to Williamsburg. The next morning, which was freezing cold, I discovered that I had lost my hat. Below is an actual email exchange with my friends earlier this week. I've pasted the emails chronologically. Email addresses and last names have been deleted, but otherwise this exchange is listed verbatim.

From: Heather
Subject: Re: found!
(left at my house after the party)
8 oz. stainless steel flask
containing vodka (?)
anybody know who's it is?

On 2/6/07, Alvina wrote:
Nope--you didn't by any chance find an off-white winter hat, did you? I think I may have left it in the car. Oh well.

On 2/6/07, Sarah wrote:
um... we found an off-white winter hat in the car we took to williamsburg... and the driver told us to take it...

On 2/6/07, Alexis wrote:
did you call the car service # provided by patrick? maybe alvina left it in the car we took, and then he came back to the same party and you guys got it!

On 2/6/07, Alvina wrote:
hahaha--seriously?!?! I'm pretty sure I was wearing it while we were waiting for the car, and then the next morning I didn't have it, so it must have been left in the car or dropped on the ground...

On 2/6/07, Mariko wrote:
wow! i had a feeling that it was one of our friends'. i was like "oh of course i'd take it. it's one of my friends'" then realized "wait, how could it be?" but the driver insisted so we took it. i even wrote a craigslist ad about it

On 2/6/07, heather wrote:
that's awesome.

On 2/6/07, Jessie wrote:
wow. all so...serendipitous.the only person i saw with a flask was claudia...could it be hers?

On 2/6/07, Alvina wrote:
I can't believe you posted that Craigslist ad! It's definitely mine. I just saw Sarah at Maya's birthday drinks and she described it to me.

First you had my scarf, now my hat. You guys are my winter wear lifesavers.


Now, when I really think about it, it makes sense. It was the same car service number that was called, and the driver must have guessed that since he picked us up from the same party, it was likely that we knew each other. But still, it seemed rather unlikely that I would ever see that hat again. And it was nice for him to insist that my friends take the hat. Not quite like the cabbie who returned the diamonds left in his cab, but damn close.


Anonymous said...

That is cool. Like the hat went on a little adventure without you.

Quite independent, that hat.

saramoohead said...

Another crazy coincidence!

topangamaria said...

Coincidentally my scbwi LA query
sent 1/31 (too late perhaps?)
A HAT LIKE THAT was in response to the bluerosegirls comments about new twists in holiday tales which it is but specifically a hat catastrophe/adventure no less...

Anonymous said...

cool! looks like we're lucky with the cabdrivers we had. Not like my friend, where the cab driver used his phone that was left in the cab to make International calls for hours, amounting in a $1000 phone bill.