Tuesday, December 19, 2006

iTunes and hipster parents

Two weeks ago, on December 7, I received an email to my gmail account telling me that I received a $25 gift certificate to iTunes from ?. I suspected that it was spam and was also enundated with emails at the time and didn't examine it further. But a week later I remembered it, brought it up, and it seemed legit--the email was from apple.com. I decided to open it at work in case it contained a virus, but there were no attachments, just links, and it worked through iTunes. So now I have a $25 credit and have no idea who (from whom?) it's from. Is it from someone I know? They had to have had my email address to give it to me, I think. Was it just a random act of kindness? Will someone step forward to claim responsibility at a later date? Was it an early Christmas present?

At any rate, if the anonymous donor is reading this, thank you very much for your generous gift, I greatly appreciate it. I haven't yet purchased any new songs, but I hope to soon.

And the second thing is my friend Chris wrote this article about hipster parents and musical taste that I liked. And yes, the picture bears a remarkable resemblance to him.


Anonymous said...

I think it's from Yvonne and Wesley for giving Amanda books. not sure why they would have wanted to be anonymous. Hey, you can add that gift to my list too!

alvinaling said...

Ahh, sometimes (often) I love blogs. You are indeed correct, I just emailed them. Thanks for letting me know! I guess the message they sent had gotten lost...