Thursday, December 07, 2006

Taiwan pics and randomness

...and added them to my post below, as well as a couple more fun facts.

And what else. I'm tired. Work has been crazy every since I got back. Deadlines everywhere. Updating title fact sheets. Preparing for focus meeting. Writing catalog copy. Editing. Preparing acquisition meeting proposals. Reviewing copyedited manuscripts. Reading manuscript for edit meeting. Writing flap copy. Finalizing cover specs. Answering emails. Answering phones. Putting out fires. Not answering emails. Trying to ignore the smoke. Wanting another vacation.

And I'll stop before I have a repeat of this other post. But I feel the same way. There's too much to do. And I feel bad because I'm letting deadlines I've set for authors slide in exchange for keeping the in-house deadlines. Once again, Connie has been a life saver, doing most of the work, keeping me on schedule. Props to Connie! Woo-hoo!

I've managed to have some fun--went to our monthly Karaoke outing last night--although tonight I was planning on going out but was too tired. Watched my man Yul continue to kick ass on Survivor. Not to jinx him, but he could actually win this! He has a 1 in 6 chance now (And did you know that you can watch full episodes online?). I'm catching up on one of the best shows in television, Dexter on Showtime On Demand right now, and will go to sleep early. Twisted, disturbing, and brilliant. Kinda like your mom. (Oh, sorry, that's the kind of thing my friend James would say.)

Okay, I'm obviously delirious. Time for bed.


Anonymous said...

I don't see an email addy for blog questions, so I'm going to ask here. Hope you don't mind.

Eds, art directors, marketers, etc. move around a lot in the publishing biz. What is it like for you to be at a house for a while and to have people coming and going all the time? It seems as though inefficiency would be rampant. Do you find you have to get new folks up to speed often as you usher a ms through to publication?

Why do you think people in the biz move around so much?

alvinaling said...

Hi--no problem posting your question here. I'll try to answer over at the Blue Rose Girls blog on Monday--that's where I try to write most of my children's book-related posts. I'll link to it from here.

Anonymous said...

hey wait, my mom is YOUR mom too!
and cool thanks! Since I finally finished Season 2, You made me realize I can catch up with this season's LOST online too! Can't wait to see you Christmas!

saramoohead said...

I am SO GLAD I don't have to do title fact sheets anymore. Is that really annoying of me to say? I think December is swamped with deadlines for everyone. So, even though I'm not stuck with catalog copy or dealing with covers, I'm still under that "must have it by the end of the year" pressure. Wishing you (and Connie) at least two extra hours in every day until Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a TV, so my parents tape Survivor for me each week. Because of revisions, I've missed the past 3 episodes. But this weekend I had some free time so I gave myself the gift of a three-hour Survivorthon! Yul's been my fave from the beginning, so I'll keep my fingers crossed with ya.

- Jay