Saturday, December 30, 2006

What I'd like to try/learn

In anticipation of New Year's I've started a list of things I want to try someday. I'll continue to update this as I think of things. Although there will sure to be overlap, this is not exactly the same as my list of ten things I want to do before I die, or my New Year's resolutions. How, I'm not really sure. I guess because I'm not putting a time limit on this, and some are definitely pipe dreams. But you never know!

Someday I'd like to try/learn:

1) rock climbing
2) mountain climbing
3) horseback riding
4) hand gliding
5) knitting (well, I've tried, but not successfully yet)
6) SCUBA diving
7) Bungee cord jumping
8) learning to drive stick shift (and remembering how)
9) a triathlon
10) going into space
11) taking a painting class
12) ballroom dancing
13) writing a book
14) flying a plane
15) water skiing
16) to play guitar
17) to play a drum set
18) being a parent
19) to make pottery
20) being in a rock band
21) playing clarinet in an ensemble or orchestra (as an adult)
22) zip lining
23) to sew my own clothes
24) carpentry
25) getting over my fear of spiders
26) HTML
27) to be a better photographer
28) cliff diving

and just for fun, here's an incomplete (of course) list of Things I've Tried/Learned:
1) skydiving
2) snorkeling
3) running a marathon
4) jet skiing
5) parasailing
6) riding a motor scooter
7) gymnastics
8) ice skating
9) skiing and snowboarding
10) playing piano, violin, clarinet, and saxophone
11) taiko drumming
12) radio news anchor, producer, engineer, and deejay (in college)
13) yoga
14) public speaking
15) marched in the Fiesta Bowl Parade
16) helped decorate a Rose Parade float
17) biking

What are some of the things you'd like to try someday?


Wombott said...

I hope #18 comes true really soon so we can have more to compare notes about. :D

Rita said...

This post inspires such a response...I feel I should keep mum!

(Mostly of the "I do, too!" or "I did that!" or "Really?" variety.)

Such fun!! :D


Happy New Year!!!

Gothamologist said...

I’d love to help you with 3, 6, 8, 9, 22, 26, 27, and I’m interested in doing 1 someday. Maybe some of the old or some new Randoms want to join in on the fun.