Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Best Dance Crew

Lately I've been mildly obsessed with Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew on MTV. The finale is this Thursday, and I'm rooting for JabbaWockeeZ. Check out the mad head spin at the end. Unbelievable.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm on the radio!

If you happen to be free tomorrow (Saturday, March 8) between 1:00 - 1:25 pm EST, tune into WBAI 99.5 FM to hear me interview authors Grace Lin and Justina Chen Headley about their books out this year (that I edited): YEAR OF THE RAT and GIRL OVERBOARD, respectively.

WBAI is celebrating International Working Women's Day by having 29 hours of women-only programming, and an organization I've been involved with, the North American Taiwanese Women's Association (NATWA) asked me this year if I'd like to put together the segment. We taped last night, and I think it went okay, despite me losing my voice earlier in the week due to a cold (if you hear a cough in the background while Grace is speaking, that was me--I thought my mic was off!).

I actually had a lot of fun doing this--I did a lot of radio in college (news producing, reporting, and anchoring, plus deejay and production training) but none since, so it was cool revisiting that world and being at a radio station again.

You can also tune in via their website.

Blue Rose Girls weekend

Here's a new animoto.com video from our Blue Rose Girls weekend a few weeks ago--with rollerskating!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've lost my voice

No, not in terms of politics, but my speaking voice.

Betcha can't tell, though, huh?

I had a slight cold in the middle of last week. I had a cough on Friday, but insisted on going ahead with a publishing Karaoke outing that was planned for that night by T.S. and others.

I sang A Whole New World with T.S. It wasn't too bad. At a friend's advice, I sipped scotch in between songs to help sooth my throat (I tried to order a hot toddy first, but the bar tender had no idea how to make one). Then I sang Un-break My Heart. My voice started straining a bit, but I was impressed with how it was holding up. Growing Pains theme song, The Rainbow Connection, and then sang backup on one last power ballad before leaving. I think that did it.

I haven't lost my voice this badly since college--a day or two after screaming at the Big Game, it was gone. I think it came back after a day or two...

It's so odd to not be able to talk. Yesterday a girl asked about my Sony Reader while on the train, and I could barely squawk out an answer--oh, how I longed to show it off to her. I babysat my cousin's kid Owen last night, and I managed to squeak out questions and talk to him, but not with my normal energy. And I couldn't sing to him, or even read to him for long without having coughing fits. He was so good, though.

Today I went to dim sum with Sara and her family and some friends, and it was torture not to be able to actively participate in the conversation. There were so many moments I wanted to contribute a story or ask a question. Here and there I jotted notes down on a pad, but that was unwieldy and slow, of course. It was easier when I went to the WBAI studios for a planning meeting--at least it was quiet, and I was able to be heard.

I need my voice back by Thursday at the latest--I'm supposed to tape an interview of authors Grace Lin and Justina Chen Headley on behalf of NATWA2 for the WBAI, 99.5 FM in New York for Women's Day, airing on Saturday, March 8th. The show will air from 1-1:25, so tune in! You can listen online, and hear for yourself if my voice has recovered.

Any advice on getting my voice back quickly? It seems that the best thing to do is to just not use my voice. I've also heard gargling salt water; drinking hot liquids; cinnamon and honey tea; hot water with fresh garlic, lemon, cayenne pepper, and honey. I have garlic breath right now.


I watched the movie Once tonight. This is the movie with the Oscar-winning song "Falling Slowly" that I'd heard being compared to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which I love. I actually bought a pirated DVD of the movie while in China (I know, I know, bad). Anyway, it was excellent. Beautiful, thoughtful, touching, and for me was reminiscent of the Before movies, and also Lost in Translation.

I was charmed by the two main characters' performance at the Oscars, and then enjoyed this Q&A with the actor Glen Hansard. I loved his anecdote about meeting Bob Dylan.


Last Friday was a two Met day for me. I took the day off to hang out with my brother who was in town for a conference. It was a messy, snowy day, but his flight made it in. We trekked over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I really enjoyed--I used to pop in more often when it was on my walk home, but haven't been in at least two years. We mainly focused on the modern art wing, but wandered through at least half of the museum, I think.

Then I was off to meet a friend for dinner and then the Metropolitan Opera production of Otello. Fantastic. I had never seen this performed before, nor read the play, although I did know the basic story. What a painfully tragic, beautiful show. I don't know much about opera, but the sets and constumes were gorgeous, the voices clear and soaring. Libby later told me during our Blue Rose Girls weekend that Othello is the production that has inspired the most audience intervention--people yelling at Othello, or even physically jumping on stage to prevent certain characters from killing other characters (I don't want to give it away for the few of you who aren't familiar with the story). Totally understandable, considering the unfairness of it all.


Anyway, that's all for now. I hope to be able to talk soon.