Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Newbery red carpet videos

Grace Lin had really wanted to do the red carpet video at ALA, because she wanted to tell the story of how she picked and eventually found her dress, but because we were in the receiving line for so long after the banquet, we didn't have a chance to do it until close to midnight when we were both exhausted. Grace made me do it first, and although I had hoped that the video would end up being lost somewhere, I just discovered that they've edited my video with Grace's, asking us about "the call." Please excuse us in advance for our babbling, and I also want to apologize for getting our School and Marketing Associate Director's title wrong (I called her Manager). Sorry, Victoria! You can also view the video on YouTube here.

Grace had posted back in January details about the call here.

And, of course, she also got to tell the story about her dress!

Check out all of the red carpet interviews here. They really did a wonderful job! And, of course, it's fun for me to relive it all. :)