Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

On Thursday we had our company Halloween party. Here are pics from throughout the day:
we sure have a weird cast of characters at our editorial meetings.

Adriana as Arthur
Deirdre as the Substitute Creature (by Chris Gall)
Mara as THE CURIOUS GARDEN by Peter Brown
Pam and I are Rachel and Tina from GLEE
Emma as Squeaker, Leslie as Lucy from Peter Brown's CHILDREN MAKE TERRIBLE PETS
Yes, Julie and Emma Andrews's THE VERY FAIRY PRINCESS (aka Allison) has an office job.
Connie as a crying baby from YOU ARE MY LITTLE CUPCAKE
Julie as Homer Pudding from Suzanne Selfor's SMELLS LIKE DOG
Kate as a DUFF (by Kody Keplinger)
Ian as a squirrel from David Sedaris's SQUIRREL SEEKS CHIPMUNK
Victoria as a Lee Harvey from the upcoming YOU KILLED WESLEY PAYNE by Sean Beaudoin

Happy Halloween!

See pics from previous years here and here and here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reflections on YA

I was on the panel "Reflections on YA" this past Tuesday at the NYPL. The audio of the panel is up on the NYPL website. We talked about digital publishing, paranormal romance, diversity in publishing, and more. It was a great conversation. If you missed it, you can hear what went on here.

Contest and redesign!

Head over to see what's new at the Blue Rose Girls--we've just give the blog a brand-new look, and are running a contest right now. You can win cookies! And books!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Furball Friday

Now that I'm the proud co-owner of two cats, Venus and Serena, and am constantly taking pictures of them and showing them off to people like a crazy cat lady, I thought I'd follow fellow Blue Rose Girl Anna Alter's lead and start a Furball Friday post.

Here's the first one!

Serena and Venus napping

Sunday, October 10, 2010

But hey, it's Brooklyn, not Ohio

About a month ago on a Saturday night, G and I were kept awake by a large party our downstairs neighbors were throwing. The music caused our entire apartment to vibrate. It was unbearable. I hadn't been feeling great that day and was hoping to get to sleep early. I turned on the TV to mask the sound, put my pillow over my ears. Sleep wasn't happening. Finally, at about a quarter past one, G decided to go downstairs to ask them to turn the music down.

As if the shaking apartment was not provocative enough, above is a photo of the note G encountered when he reached their apartment door. As you can imagine, this note did not improve his mood. After a lengthy discussion with the neighbors about "rights" (their right to throw a party in the U.S. of A, our right to sleep and live in peace in our own apt), they turned the music down.

To their credit, they've been quiet neighbors ever since (a talking-to by our landlord probably helped, too). To our credit, the phone number above is blocked out.

Yes, I have officially turned into the cranky old neighbor. Kids these days. Sheesh.