Monday, December 11, 2006

Answer to query and Blue Rose Girl weekend

I answered the query that someone asked in the comment section below over at the Blue Rose Girls blog this morning. Check it out here. Also, as a reminder, since I'm so inept at adding links to the right of my blog (maybe my brothers can help me out when I'm home for the holidays?), the Blue Rose Girls blog is where I post most of my children's book-related musings. As I've said before, I'm happy for people to read this blog, but if you haven't already discovered the BRG's blog, you should check it out now! (As you can see, I'm very good at putting links within my posts!)

I had a wonderful weekend going up to Providence on Saturday for the RISD alumni holiday sale where fellow BRGs Anna Alter, Meghan McCarthy, and Grace Lin were selling their books, prints, and crafts. Libby Koponen and Elaine Magliaro also came up/down (respectively) for dinner after the sale. Grace passed out more of her yummy cupcakes, and I stuffed myself on soup, pate, and seafood mac and cheese (delicious, but not as good as this).

Then it was down to CT to hang out with Libby: calming yet stimulating talks, great home cookin', tea with honey and milk. And then on Sunday we went for a wonderful 10-mile bike ride through town and along the beach. I saw one thing I'd never seen before in my life, although I've heard/read about it many times. I watched as a seagull beat its wings against the gusty wind going up and up with something big in its beak which I quickly realized was a clam, release it to the rocks below, successfuly shattering the shell, and then swoop down to eat the meat inside. It was pure nature at its finest, and I was delighted for a long time by it. Heck, I'm still delighted that I saw it. Seagulls are both frightening (Finding Nemo! Those eyes!) and fascinating. My parents had the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull around the house when I was growing up, and I loved reading it and looking at the pictures, and it made me want to fly. I loved watching the seagulls float in the wind, soar, dive. I told Libby then that I hoped to someday take flying lessons. I think I started thinking about it back when Linda had posted some flight and plane-related posts. Not quite the same as flying like a seagull, but I think I'd like it.

Here are a few pics.

Me and the official BRG lender bike:
Libby showing off her new scarf (made by Grace) and her beautiful blue bike:
And the sea (complete with Christmas tree on the pier):
I had a lot of time to think about this past year and figure some things out on the bus ride up to RI, and then the train ride back to NY from New Haven Sunday night. It was exactly what I needed. I'm now looking forward to my tradition of writing down all of my New Year's resolutions and wishes, and am looking forward to starting fresh next year. But now, let the holiday madness begin!


Gothamologist said...

Hola pana. I am still enjoying your posts, which I started reading after your stint as a NYC marathoner. After a whole four minutes of study, I figured out how to add links to my blog sidebar. You're up there. Congrats! See you at Jessie’s shindig.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Yul won!

Enjoying your blog and pics.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alvina,

I am posting here a quick note as I can't find your e-mail on the website.
I am from Paris (France) and I am working for a French publisher (Press and publishing. I am Head of the Development of the audiovisual department).
I was looking for some information regarding Jimmy L. and just read your "do you remember your second"?.
I do like the way you are working and experiencing things.
I would be thrilled if we could be in touch just for fun and exchange ideas.
If you approve it, just let me know where I can directly contact you!
I apologize for my poor English (this is not my mother tongue) !

Cheers, Isa

alvinaling said...

Hi Isabelle,

Email me at bluerosegirls at gmail dot com!

And you're English is wonderful. :)

alvinaling said...

haha--I meant your. My English sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alvina,

I have sent you an e-mail.
Did you receive it ?
On the other hand, I hope you will have great Xmas vacation and all the little bright stars in your head in 2007.
I am leaving on Sunday to spend some days at my parents'in the south of France (closed ot Cannes).
Take care, Isa

alvinaling said...

I did get your email, but on my crazy last day in the office. I am indeed in Southern CA, but as you are, pretty packed with family stuff, but thanks for looking me up. Happy Holidays, everyone!