Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do something you've never done before

On Tuesday night my friend, who is getting over the breakup of a long, long, long-term relationship, told me her plans for the month of April:

"Do something I've never done before once a week, call someone I don't normally call once a week" and I think there was one other thing, but those were the two things that stood out in my mind.

I was delighted by her plan, because it's the kind of thing I would do, too, although I think it's incredibly ambitious. Once a week, do something you've never done before? But I guess it could be as minor as trying a food you've never tried before, or going to a bar or restaurant you've never visited (although part of her goal in setting these rules is to do things other than go to bars).

But as I uploaded my photos the next day, I realize that I'd already done two things this week that I'd never done before:

1.) On Monday, I went to see Governor Bill Richardson speak at a bar in Hell's Kitchen, Zanzibar. That's certainly something I've never done before. A friend asked me last week if I'd be interested in checking it out, and as I knew nothing about him, except that he is the governor of New Mexico, I agreed. I figured it would be nice to hear from someone other than Hilary and Obama. Plus, it was near my work and only $7. (The talk was sponsored by an organization called Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century of New York, or dl21c.)

We got there early, but the bar quickly became packed. I was able to stand up on a bench and see the governor through the doorway (but as you can see, didn't get great pictures). I liked him--he seemed like a good guy, very knowledgeable, and I was impressed by his experience. He is the first Latino to run for president, and he commented that what was so wonderful about this election was that we could possibly elect the first woman president, the first black president, the first Latino president, and even our first Mormon president (although he wouldn't recommend it). At any rate, I'm looking forward to learning more about him, and all of the other candidates. It's still early, I don't know who I'm going to vote for yet.

2.) Tuesday night I went to a huge party at Webster Hall. I'd never been to Webster Hall before (shocking, I know). I loved the space--lots of different rooms, weird art installations, deejays, great lights. And the party was fantastic--lots of free goodies from Kid Robot, free beer and vodka drinks, a giant dancing bunny and his smaller dancing bunny handler, and the rapper Juiceboxxx who was an incredible performer. Even though he kicked a bottle off of the stage that hit me on the elbow and hurt, I still loved him.

I may have to adopt my friend's plan. Have you done anything this week that you've never done before?


saramoohead said...

1. I went to a restaurant that I kept hearing about, a place with a reputation for being horrible rude but totally delicious. I found it brusque, rather than rude, and appropriately delicious.

2. When I was walking down the sidewalk, a lady in front of me lit a cigarette and unintentionally blew it right into my face. Normally I would just walk by, feeling put out but not doing anything. This time I walked past her and waved the smoke away with my hand, passive-agressively showing my displeasure. It doesn't mean very much, but I'm glad I did it.

topangamaria said...

The daughter and I ended up at the Soul Circus because I'm circus obsessed and curious and she was suffering severe mind melt from
her SAT experience. It shook things up in a wonderful way.

mbpbooks said...

Oh to be young, cute, single, and living in Manhattan ... but my grass is green, too, I know, I know.

I met and chatted with Bill Richardson years ago at the US Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when he came to escort one of my friends (an American teen who was in prison there) back to the States. He flew round-trip Bangladesh-America in twenty-four hours just to get her. (Note: this is not a political endorsement; I was mostly impressed with Richardson's ability to battle jet lag, which actually might be a good trait for a president to have.)

Erika said...

sounds like a great plan! can't wait to try it.

Anonymous said...

I did both of those things. They were both fun.

VOTE RICHARDSON! Or maybe kick him $10.