Friday, May 18, 2007

I've been MIA

Sorry. Busy busy busy. Got back from SF and Seattle, had to pack and move my office, tried to catch up on work (hopeless goal), and then was off to Toronto for the IRA convention (International Reading Association), and am now in Boston--Somerville, to be exact--in Grace's lovely apartment, to celebrate Grace's birthday (we had a lovely birthday dinner last night), and attend her fabulous book party on Saturday. Tomorrow! We're making 100 cupcakes today.

I'll have an IRA wrap-up soon, either here or on the Blue Rose Girls site. Stay tuned...


yamster said...

Ooooooo, beautiful atrium at the new office! And hurray for windows! I can't wait to visit.

Steve Emond said...

I knew you'd be back eventually! It's been like waking up every morning and thinking it's Christmas, only to find no presents under the tree. :(

Maybe I should go update, too.