Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Go Red Sox!

Yankees are out. Too bad.


P.S. This is a picture taken at Kindling Words in 2005, I'm sitting on a frozen Lake George. I won't be attending Kindling Words next January, unfortunately--I had been four years in a row and love it! But I'll be going to China (exciting!) for ten days in January and just couldn't swing it.


Anonymous said...

For a minute there your photo struck fear in my heart! I'm on my way to the East Coast later this week (see you in NJ?) and was afraid you took that pic today in NYC! Whew!!!! Still in the 70s here.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to doubt whether I'll be going to Kindling Words myself. I've made my reservation, etc., but the idea of January in Vermont... yeah. I don't know. The big thing about Seattle in the winter is that you don't see the sun for 6-9 months. So I might try heading to a sunny spot instead. But I really want to go to Kindling Words, so I'll see.

But China sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

alvinaling said...

haha--no, it's still way too HOT out here.

You're going to Rutgers, right? I'm not able to go afterall, am goign to a wedding out of town. Boo! If you're here past the weekend, let me know, we should get together. But say hi to my assistant Connie and my other colleagues, I think 4 of them are going.

alvinaling said...

Stacy, go to KW! The conference is pretty much all inside, just a bonfire outside, but if it's too cold for you you can escape back indoors quickly. Trust me, you'll love it.

Rita said...

This photo is adorable.