Monday, February 08, 2010

Acquisitions, Celebrations, and a BRG weekend

Okay, no more cheating, I'm no longer going to re-post from Blue Rose Girls. I will, however, link to new posts I have over there. But I figure I'll need some motivation to post original content over here.

If you're curious, I posted today about some recent acquisition news.

In other news, we had a lovely toast for Grace Lin's Newbery Honor in the office last Friday:

And this past weekend I spent a very lovely weekend in Northampton, MA with my fellow Blue Rose Girls. It was our last weekend together before Grace's wedding at the end of the month. We spent it doing some wedding crafts (making icing flowers):

Doing Grace's hair and makeup:
And got dressed up for a lovely dinner:
Here is a sampling of some of the delicious food we had at a restaurant called Bistro Les Gras:

Thank you to Anna for hosting and planning. It was a lovely getaway from the city.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers--and so many!

Anna Alter said...

I love how you document our get togethers! Great hair pictures especially.