Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Year in Music, 2005: Part 3

Okay, trying to get this done before I leave! Time is running out...

11. Kenny Loggins - I'm Free
I played this CD towards the end of my birthday party. Rose had to go to bed on the early side, and remembers getting up to go to the bathroom around 2 or 3 am and hearing this song playing and seeing everyone dancing and thinking that it was such a fun song to dance to and if only she could be out there. Now, every time I hear this song, in addition to remembering the huge crush I had on Kevin Bacon when I was a kid, I also think about dancing on our terrace on my birthday. Fitting, because I first saw FOOTLOOSE at one of my birthday parties when I was a kid.

12. Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine
Was out with Julie and two of her friends in the East Village sometime this summer. For once, I had no plans to hang out with the Randoms that night, but ended up getting a call from James who was with Miguel and Lee, and they were heading to the East Village/Lower East Side. We decided to all meet up at this bar called Stolen Transmission on the LES that one of Julie's friends recommended. Eveline and Mat met us there, too. There was a small dance floor in the back, and I remember I hadn't gone dancing in a long time. They played great, fun 80s music, including this song, and I remember feeling so damn happy and alive dancing to this song. Lee would lift me up periodically and throw me up in the air and I remember thinking, "life is good, life is fun." That night was also the night of the incident I consider to be a top 3 example of the Randomness that is the Randoms. After leaving Stolen Transmission, we wanted to get something to eat. We got separated on the way, and James, Eveline, and Mat got way ahead of Lee, Miguel, and me. We were walking down a street and all of a sudden I hear Lee and Miguel exclaiming, "Hey, is that a huge pizza? It's a huge pizza!" and then, "let's ram it!" and before I know what's happening, Lee and Miguel have picked me up battle ram style and started running me head first towards this group of guys walking towards us carrying a huge Styrofoam pizza cutout. The guys see us coming and laugh and prepare, I hit the pizza head first, and we all collapse on the ground laughing.

13. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
This song was on my skydiving DVD, so whenever I hear it, I remember how it felt to jump out of a plane. I've already blogged about this here:

14. Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
This song was stuck in my head during my whole trip to San Francisco for Roy and Denise's wedding. As I waited for my cousin Jeanne to pick me up at the airport, I wrote down all of the lyrics in my journal. Generally, this song got stuck in my head whenever I rode a plane, which was quite a bit this year. (San Diego, Montreal, Canadian Rocky Mountains, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles).

15. Mirah - Monument
When I first got my iPod, I hadn't yet uploaded my CD collection on my computer, but Chris Ott had given me an mp3 CD a while ago with albums that he thought I'd like, and there were a bunch of Mirah songs on it, so therefore they were uploaded onto my iPod. I love her voice, and her songs remind me of my walk to work through Central Park. This one was one of my favorites.

16. Innocence Mission - Keeping Awake
This is another song that reminds me of college, and it was also one that I had on my computer at the beginning and made its way to my iPod. I had several periods of insomnia this year.
Okay, I'll tackle the last three songs tomorrow or Tuesday. Time to start packing!

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