Tuesday, August 29, 2006

After a long email campaign...

Jarrett has finally been named a Hot Man of Children's Literature by the esteemed Fuse #8.


Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

please see my blog or Fuse#8's for my acceptance speech.

And thanks for texting your votes on your Cingular Wireless.

Rita said...

how hysterical is this!! :D



Disco Mermaids said...

Yes!! I'm very happy about this news. LOVE JJK. I wish him a scandal-free term filled with much success.

Alvina, I loved your BlueRose blog about analogies...which obviously inspired mine (hope that's okay). I had planned on giving you credit with a 'shout' link to your blog, but I wasn't sure if blog-etiquette required that I seek permission first.

So, thanks for the inspiration. And CONGRATS on the Half-Marathon! That is HUGE. I have one in October...and I'm really excited to run it with a new stress fracture. Yay!


alvinaling said...

Hi Eve,

No worries--I honestly thought it was a coincidence at first, but don't mind that it inspired your post, I really enjoyed it! I don't know blog etiquette either, but in the future, feel free to give a "shout out" to our blogs.

And good luck with the half! And sorry about the stress fracture. :\