Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chowder and Friends

My new favorite dog has a great website and a new blog. Check them out! The book is not officially pubbing until September, but I saw books in a bookstore already in MA when I was up there a few weeks ago. I also found Hippo! No, Rhino, so I was happy.


Anonymous said...

Were they already turned cover out or did you do that? LOL!

One of the editors in Warner Books told me once that she was caught turning books cover out when she was first starting in editorial. They made her tell them where she worked and called her boss to tell on her. Her boss's advice the next day? "Don't get caught next time." HAHAHAHA!

I love books!

saramoohead said...

Wow! The Chowder website looks great! I love the lists of favorite things. Peter's website is amazing, too. Those sheep are so cool. I love the world wide web!

alvinaling said...

And I love both books AND the world wide web! Ha.

As a former bookseller, I put the books face-out, of course. (see this post: http://bluerosegirls.blogspot.com/2006/08/question-of-week-for-august-13-19.html)