Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

NOTE: New pic and video added at bottom of post

Just a few pics from my weekend. I should have more pics after tonight:

Pumpin-carvin' Friday (can you guess which one is mine?):
(I'll give the answer later this week. No prize, but you'll get fame and props from me)

Costume wearin' Saturday (can you guess what I am?): Alexis in the cutest costume ever: Cupcake!

Mariko is dressed as the lower east side bulding, Blue:

No candy for me, but I still like to get in the spirit of the holiday. Happy Halloween!

**Additional picture and video**

As Sara says, you can't see my whole costume, so here's a better picture of it that Mariko took. We're actually all dancing around a robot ghost:

Here's a video of it:


saramoohead said...

I think your pumpkin is the second from the left. (And I don't know if she was there, but is the second from the right Grace's?)
As for your costume, I feel we are at a disadvantage not being able to see the full-length of it. And I will also feel guilty for guessing incorrectly, as you got what I was. Are you a squid?

Disco Mermaids said...

Hi Alvina!

Your pumpkin is the fourth from the left, and...I give up! What is your costume?? Are you a mole? You have your head at the top, but you have eyes at the bottom...hmmm...an earthworm!

Cute post. Very unique costumes. I'm always a fairy princess or a witch. I'm so boring.


topangamaria said...

The closet match to You Tube is the pumpkin fifth from the left.
Are you an octopus?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....the very first pumpkin on the left? Looks like the Pringles Guy.

Are you a jellyfish?

Anonymous said...

I guess that your pumpkin is the winking one, third from the right. The way you sound when you write, I imagine you to be one of those people who has a heartwarming wink when you talk.

Is your costume an octopus?

Nancy said...

I'm guessing third from left is your pumpkin. But they're all wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for...front and center. although the one with the light that looks like gleam of shiny tooth is a contender.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alvina!

I think the pumpkin fourth from the left and the happiest looking is yours! Costume? It looks like a squid to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to say third from the right. With the big warm smile, I think it's a self-portrait.

Lisa Albert said...

I love that you UTube! Halloween is my favorite holiday. You're squid costume is great! LOL I was a Disco Queen. (blog update to come.)