Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Off to Oregon

I'm off to Oregon in a few minutes for the SCBWI retreat, and to visit with two authors I work with out there. I'm staying with my cousin Julie for a night, too, and am looking forward to meeting the two dogs, bunny, and bird who live in her apartment. I've never been to Oregon, so I'm really excited, although when my friends asked me if I was excited for my trip, I had to say, not really, not yet. I had too much to do--write my speech, do critiques, take care of things at work, pack. But now that I'm almost off to the airport, now I'm getting excited.

If you're going to the retreat, please say hello, and if you say the code word "bloomabilities" or "blue rose girls" (okay the latter was three code words), I'll know you read my blogs.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Abigail Marble said...

Have a great time in Oregon! I am in Portland, but won't be going to the retreat this year. Sorry I'm missing the chance to meet you, though.

Lisa Albert said...

Have a safe trip, Alvina! I've always wanted to go to Oregon. It's the setting in my YA so I've 'kinda' been there. Ha.

Anonymous said...


Any thoughts or reactions to the finalists in the YA catagory for the NBA?

(What are you taking to Oregon to read?)


alvinaling said...

Hi all! Still in Oregon, leaving on the redeye tonight. Having a wonderful time!

Katherine, to be honest I haven't seen the list of finalists yet, although I've heard a bit through the grapevine. I'll try to comment later. And I brought a few manuscript submissions with me to read, as well as the ARC for WEEDFLOWER.