Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blog wishes (and caviar dreams)...

I wish I knew if I even wanted people to read this
I wish I knew what I wanted to do with this blog (personal? professional? a weird mixture like it is now?)
I wish I knew what people would like to know about (tell me!)
I wish I could post regularly (I can, I should)
I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller
I wish I was funnier (What did the monkey say when the train ran over its tail?)
I wish I knew HTML
I wish that people who read my blog would buy the books I wrote about :)
I wish I had thought about all of this before starting a blog

(answer to joke: "It won't be long now!" yeah, I know, groan.)

The word "wish" is looking funny to me right now, like it's a made-up world.


Anonymous said...

I can make some of your wishes come true:
I love reading about your books and your life. It is a pleasantly weird mixture.
I do buy the books you write about. My kids and I LOVED Year of the Dog. Firegirl is in line to be read soon.
I'll tell you what I would like to know: Did you really dress up as a laundry basket for Halloween? If you did, well, you don't need to be any funnier. :)

I hope you don't change a thing about your blog.

alvinaling said...

Wow--thanks for making some of my wishes come true! And it's kinda thrilling to get anonymous comments. Now I know how my authors feel when someone other than their friends and family buy their books.

To answer your question, I did not really dress up as a laundry basket, but I did dress up as a pillow once. I didn't win a prize for it, though.

Anonymous said...

It's official. You're funnier now.

When I tucked my children into bed I told them that Melody didn't really dress up as laundry. "What was she?" they asked. "A pillow." Oh my, they laughed so hard I thought they'd never get to sleep. They were still talking about it this morning.

While all these wishes are coming true - and I am certain I'm not the only one granting them - you should get a tape measure. I believe you're a little taller too.

saramoohead said...

I hope you DO want us to read your blog... we all are! (And please let us keep reading it.)

What I want to read about: maybe a little more about Sachin (I'm nosy, can't help it), definitely about your running and your parties, maybe what books you're reading or are on your list to read, and all the news about your list. So, personal and professional.

You CAN learn HTML. Try: htmlgoodies
or webmonkey
And/or buy a quick reference guide from a bookshop. The big thick books are always overwhelming. For me, the most useful thing was a listing of what the tags mean.

alvinaling said...

Thanks, Sara--it's nice to know someone is reading over the ocean! I think I'm slowly accepting and beginning to even be eager to share certain aspects of my personal and professional life, but I'm afraid I won't be giving out TOO much personal dirt. You'll have to get the scoop from me over email!