Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Oughts: A Look Back

Earlier this year, when I looked back ten years ago to when I first started my career in publishing, I hadn't realized that we were also nearing the end of the decade and the beginning of a new one (although...technically 2011 is the beginning of the new decade, right? Details, details!).

Before I do a "look forward" to 2010, I thought I'd look back at the last decade. So, let's see. What were "The Oughts" all about for me?

-I spent most of The Oughts not eating candy. I'm not sure exactly when I made that New Year's Resolution to not eat candy (I'd look back in my diaries to check, but am on the road right now! I'm literally up in the air on the airplane, to be exact), but it was at least eight years ago, because I know I was still living in Boston. Wow. Almost a decade of barely any candy!

-I've spent all of this decade working in children's book publishing and loving it. I went from being an editorial assistant to a senior editor (with a few steps in between).

-I moved to New York from Boston.

-I've lived in four different apartments, have had twelve different roommates.

-I survived a traumatic break-up and an eviction.

-I've been in three serious romantic relationships.

-I dated people I met online, met at parties, met at bars, met while sharing a taxi, even!

-I met The Randoms: my "new" group of friends who I've now known for almost five years.

-I traveled a ton, including to Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, London, Bologna, Florence, Iowa, Oregon, Austin, Canadian Rockies, Toronto, Montreal, and more.

-I spoke at countless SCBWI conferences, attended multiple ALAs, IRAs, BEAs, and NCTEs.

-I went to countless weddings, two funerals, visited friends and families with babies (distributing kid's books along the way).

-I got out of debt.

-I edited two books that were New York Times bestsellers, one Golden Kite winner and one honor, an Edgar Award winner, an Al Roker Book Club pick...and more! I love and am proud of each and every book I've acquired and edited. And I'll always remember my first!

-I took tens of thousands of photos, including hundreds of food.

-I continued my obsession with Karaoke.

-I learned about the Asian woman - gay man stereotype.

-I ran one marathon, four half marathons, played softball on the company team (the Catchers in the Rye), and biked a bunch.

-I went skydiving.

-I joined Friendster, then Myspace, now Facebook and Twitter.

-some of the technology that changed my life (for the better. Well, for the most part): cell phones, instant messaging, Sony Reader, iPod, gmail,, iPhone, digital cameras, flickr, animoto, podcasts, MacBook,

-I got the bulk of my news from Jon Stewart, podcasts, Twitter, and the internet.

-I voted in two presidential elections, and witnessed the U.S. elect our first black president.

-I went from being in my mid-twenties to mid-thirties. In other words, I became an adult. Almost.

-And, of course, I started blogging! I became a Blue Rose Girl, and blogged about bloomabilities.

What are some of the events that have defined this decade for you?

Happy New Year, everyone!


~Jamie said...

I freakin' love that etsy is on your tech that changed your life list. That place is just one of my favorite sites of all time. It's like a local craft fair of awesomeness. I get to support budding artists, wear funky jewelry and decorate my home with handmade wares--all in my jammies.

I am so with you there. What did people do before Etsy? Flea Markets are so passe. :)

alvinaling said...

I'm so addicted to etsy. It's bad that I'm following them on Twitter, because that means I visit them almost every day, which is terribly dangerous.

yamster said...

I think 2010 is the start of a new decade (even though the new millennium didn't start till 2001). For example, 1980 was the start of the 80s. It's a nomenclature thing rather than a counting thing, I think? ANYWAY, that was not your question. I digress! I think I'll have to do an entire blog post on the highlights of this decade for me... but you probably know most of them. :)

yamster said...

Argh, and I forgot to say what I wanted to say when I first clicked on the comment thingy, which is WOW, you had an impressive decade! I'm glad I was there for some of it and very happy you chose to share so much of it via photos and blog posts. Thank you!

Anna Alter said...

Um, you are amazing! Such a long list of accomplishments and adventures, I need to buy some plane tickets...

Jean Reidy said...

Phew! What a list! I hope you got some rest over the holidays, Alvina, because I'm guessing 2010 won't be a yawn either. Consider yourself lucky to even have remembered all those events. I'd be lucky to recall December. Happy New Year!!

Emily Wing Smith said...

What an incredible decade for you!

I tend to catalog my life with pictures of food I've enjoyed. It's a great way to commemorate.